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GlyMed Plus

OXYGEN Treatment Cream

OXYGEN Treatment Cream

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After Cleansing. Apply to the face, neck and decollete. Finish with a GlyMed Plus moisturizer.\n\nCan I cocktail this product with other GlyMed Plus products?\nYes! For a boost of oxygen, mix equal parts OXYGEN Treatment Cream and OXYGEN Deep Pore Cleanser. Allow to remain in the skin like a masque. After 10 minutes or when the product is fully absorbed, perform a rinse.\n\nIf I have dry skin, can I layer a balance product on top?\nYes, any GlyMed Plus balance product should be used after application of the OXYGEN Treatment Cream.\n\nDo I have to use the OXYGEN Deep Pore Cleanser before using this product?\nYou can use any GlyMed Plus cleanser or treatment product prior to application. For optimal oxygenation of the skin we recommend using the OXYGEN Deep Pore Cleanser as directed by your esthetician.\n\nIs this product safe for pregnant or breastfeeding moms?\nYes, this product does not contain active or irritating ingredients and is safe for use during pregnancy.

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