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GlyMed Plus

Cell Protection Balm

Cell Protection Balm

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Apply over serums and moisturizers to protect and heal skin. Re-apply as needed.\n\nI noticed that the first ingredient in Cell Protection Balm is Petrolatum. Will it make me break out?\nNo, Petrolatum is a non comedogenic and biologically inert, meaning that it cannot harbor bacteria. In addition, GlyMed Plus always incorporates the highest grade of ingredients in all skin care products.\n\nMy skin care professional gave me Cell Protection Balm to use after a chemical peel, what is the benefit?\nAfter an injury to your skin, including a chemical peel, the skin goes into a healing phase. Studies indicate that the skin will heal more efficiently and effectively when it is in an aqueous state. Cell Protection Balm creates a barrier on newly peeled skin, protecting and maintaining water levels within the skin to allow better healing.\n\nCan Cell Protection Balm help my psoriasis?\nYes, first apply Cell Protection Serum to reintroduce essential skin lipids, then follow with Ultra Hydro Gel to restore water content and finish with Cell Protection Balm to seal the skin.\n\nIs this product safe for pregnant or breastfeeding moms?\nYes this product is safe to use during pregnancy/nursing. In fact, this healing balm is preferred by nursing mothers to treat irritation brought on by breastfeeding and is safe for consumption.

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